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We love home cooked meals because it’s prepared with ultimate love, care & hygiene. We reassure your trust in healthy & hygienic food by ensuring that your Kitchen appliances like Chimney, Microwave, hob or stove looks clean and works hassle-free.

Microwave & Oven Repair

Microwave Ovens are a major need today’s fast paced life. Mere a day without microwave seems impossible. So, don’t let your faulty microwave ruin the pace of your life. Professionals at RGS Service Center are skilled and trained to efficiently solve issues in Microwave, no matter what brand it is. Our expert-man will visit your home and ensure quickest and simplest solution to enable your microwave for the next meal.
Now, you need not frighten over a microwave, just call RGS service center!

Chimney Repairs

Due to Indian cooking style, heavy amount of oil and grease deposits in the chimneys,which requires professional clean-ups in order to keep your chimney work in perfect condition. Our skilled professionals ensure that chimneys are thoroughly cleaned and maintained well for longer run.

Gas Stove Repairs

We have solutions for all the issues that you may face with your gas stove. We provide extensive liquid cleaning, nosel & burner services, checking piping and leakages or even cleaning grease is just a phone call away with RGS Service Center.

Hob Repairs

We need not to explain the importance of perfectly working hobs in your kitchen. 100% perfect condition of hobs is a necessity to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure. Our experts will visit your home and provide best services.